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TARS Fuzz/Filter

TARS Fuzz/Filter

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Fuzz with Analog Filter

TARS is a fuzz/analog filter pedal. It means "This Audio Reached Singularity".
It’s a robot looking for life in space too. But that’s a long story we’ll tell you in the user manual.

TARS’ fuzz part comes from the Black Hole Symmetry "Singularity" section.
Put it through the analog "MS-20 style" filter to create fuzzy-noisy textures.
Cut through the mix with the different filter and EQ possibilities or sweep between the frequencies to create huge waves of noise.


Gain : Placed after the Jfet transistor input stage and followed by silicon gain and clipping stages.

Master : Master volume.

CutOff : This fader controls the cutoff frequency of the MS-20 style low pass filter. Based on a LM13700 stage. Goes from 15Hz to 44kHz.

Resonance : Increases the intensity of the signal around the cutoff frequency.

LPF VOL : VCA - sets the output volume of the filter. Pretty useful to adjust the filter to your setup.

2p/4p toggle switch : Select the attenuation curve. Cut at -12dB/octave (2p) or at -24dB/octave (4p).

Add Fuzz (On/Off) toggle switch : Add an extra unfiltered fuzz signal. The result is louder and creates cool frequencies boost or cut depending on the cutoff position.

Serial - // toggle switch : Put the fuzz through the filter - or use both effects in //.

Expression/CV : The Expression/CV control is linked to the cutoff fader. The cutoff fader value sets the lowest value the EXP pedal can go.

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