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Quick Release Plate - Large

Quick Release Plate - Large

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This is a solid metal plate that adheres to the back of a guitar pedal or other device, allowing you to quickly mount or remove it from a Temple pedalboard. This 3.125" square plate will fit large pedals.

With Temple's Quick Release Pedal Mounting System™ you can easily swap pedals in an out with the security that they'll stay firmly and neatly in place. No more messy Velcro ® , zip ties, or drilling holes to keep your pedals attached. The small, medium and large Pedal Plates are optimally sized to accommodate mounting the majority of pedals available worldwide. Simply adhere the aluminum plate(s) to the back of your pedal and position the pedal anywhere on the board. The pegs keep the pedal from rotating and thumbscrew threaded into the middle peg from the opposite side keeps the pedals/plates square and firmly in place.
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