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Vox Box

Vox Box

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The VoxBox was conceived around a simple idea:  Why can't vocalists and horn players enjoy the same palette of effects that guitarists have?  It seems unfair.  To this end, we created a device that allows you to use effects with your microphone and control them live.  

The VoxBox takes an XLR input from your Mic, runs it through a studio-quality mic preamp, then it sends it out an impedance matched effects send.  From there you can plug in ANY effects you want.  The output of the effect plugs back into The VoxBox's effects return.  There is a knob to control the gain of the microphone preamp, and another to control the wet / dry effects mix.  Then the signal goes out via a balanced XLR jack (and an un-balanced TRS jack) to your mixer, DAW, or amp.

The best part are the foot-switches. The Engage Loop switch silently turns the loop on and off.  But the Momentary Swap switch temporarily engages (or disengages) the loop only when you have it pressed down.  Need that delay for one phrase only?  No problem - just press on Momentary Swap when you want the effect, and release when you don't.  Perfect when you want to accentuate one phrase then get back to your regular performance.

Simple to set up and use, the VoxBox opens up whole vistas of sounds. If you've always wanted to add effects to an instrument that's not a guitar, this is your tool.
  • Allows you to have any effects on your vocal (or trumpet/sax/etc) mic and control it live.
  • Momentary Swap switch gives you precise control of the loop.
  • Studio quality microphone preamp.
  • Microphone gain control.
  • Effects mix control.
  • XLR input with phantom power.
  • XLR and TRS outputs.  Effects loop jacks are TRS.
  • Bypass footswitch.
  • 9V DC input.  66 mA.  
Artwork by Sabine Elliott. This is a pre-order: units will be available starting Friday, February 2nd.
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