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Threads 1U

Threads 1U

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All of the goodness of Mutable Instruments Yarns, but in an Intellijel 1U format. All four voices of functionality are retained, with 3.5mm jacks for the MIDI input/output. There is also a connector on the back to connect to the Intellijel case jacks.

Summary of Yarns capabilities:

  • Single voice (note, velocity, modulation, aftertouch, gate, trigger, and clock reset output), two voice, and four voice modes.
  • Monophonic and polyphonic configurations
  • SH-101 style sequencer with up to 64 notes.
  • Microtuning
  • Transform the CV outputs into digital oscillators.


To connect to the Intellijel case use the 4x2 pin header with the 10p-10p included cable. Line up the red line on the cable with the 4x2 header (the non-red line side of the cable/connector will have two pins not connected). Then connect the other side to the case (following the red line indication).

Please note that Threads does not support USB-MIDI. It only supports MIDI-DIN.


24 HP
12V: 60mA
-12V: 2mA
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