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Algorithmic. Analog. Slim.

Tree is an advanced sequential switch and gate sequencer. With eight positions that yield limitless paths between them, Tree automatically creates new sequences not easily made by hand. The clock, reset, and backwards inputs drive Tree like a normal sequential switch with control over the direction of the sequence, whereas the “shift” inputs temporarily shift the current position of the sequence. Featuring bidirectional inputs and outputs, Tree can also be used as a gate sequencer since the common node is normalled to a high voltage. The Turing Machine expansion port in the back allows for connection of various expanders including our Leaves Expander which allows Tree to be used as a voltage sequencer in parallel to it's sequential switching functionality.

Tree has returned and now comes wearing our new purple and silver panel style. Where LEDs used to protrude through the panel they now sit beneath a window in the PCB that allows light through, diffusing the LEDs and making them easier on the eyes. With our new Leaves Expander sharing the same color scheme and rainbow LED format, the modules look quite stunning when all in a row.

6 HP
34 mm
+30 mA
-10 mA